Introducing Adults to D&D

Here is a great article on introducing new players, aimed at the GM rather than the new player, but it is worth checking out by everyone.

If I were a new player and I felt confused or lost… after reading this article I would be like “wait, the GM didn’t do any of this! No wonder I felt confused and lost!”

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I recently played one of the most fun sessions of Dungeons and Dragons in my tabletop gaming history. It was with adult coworkers aged 25 – 35 who were almost entirely new to the game. After me the player with the most amount of tabletop role-playing game experience had last picked up dice and a character sheet when he was 14. It was everyone else’s first time.

I was a tad nervous running a new game for adults because I was worried they’d find D&D too childish or nerdy or worse… boring. I have certainly had a fair share of new players at my table, but I’ve never a whole table full of newbies. My usual tactic of letting the other players shepherd the new one along doesn’t work when everyone is getting their first taste of fifth edition D&D nectar. Still these friends had come to me because they wanted to…

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