Sacred Incense of Spell Storing

Sacred Incense of Spell Storing

These  incense are often created at a holy order to be distributed to other churches temple and servants. When burned, a Sacred Incense can manifest the effects of one spell stored within it at the time of it’s creation typically at 16th caster level. To use a block of Sacred Incense you must spend 12 hours in a chamber with the burning Sacred Incense. This chamber must be on holy ground, sanctified to the same Ethos or Immortal as the original holy order who created the block of Sacred Incense. While the Sacred Incense is burning the recipient must be alone, resting, surrounded by the magical fumes. Some incense grant a continuous effect, such as Sacred Incense of Protection From Evil, while others grant one final effect once all the magic has been allowed to accumulate within the recipient over the 12 hour burning period. These limitations prevent theft and misuse of these powerful magic items, as one would have to be within the order to use it.

Types of Sacred Incense

  • Sacred Incense of Protection From Evil – continuous for 12 hours.
  • Sacred Incense of Cure Disease – as the spell.
  • Sacred Incense of Remove Curse – as the spell.
  • Sacred Incense of Neutralize Poison – the poison is delayed immediately.
  • Sacred Incense of Protection From Evil 10’ Radius – allows multiple recipients.
  • Sacred Incense of Commune – as the spell.
  • Sacred Incense of Raise Dead – as the spell.
  • Sacred Incense of Health – conditions are suppressed immediately.
  • Sacred Incense of Restoration – as the spell.
  • Sacred Incense of Resurrection – as the spell.

It is possible druids have created Sacred Incense of Weather Control and Insect Plague, and likely have created Speak with Animals and Sticks to Snakes Sacred Incense that function only in natural groves and pools..

There are even rumors of evil Sacred Incense, created to animate dead, or to inflict terrible curses and disease on unwilling recipients. These Incense work only in unholy temples and ancient sites of evil and death. Unwilling recipients would have to be bound and forced to let the fumes take their slow and terrible effect

Plot hook – a band of really evil characters are trying to resurrect a champion of evil who was captured and sentenced to death recently. They have unearthed his corpse and snuck into the local church of good to utilize Sacred Incense of Resurrection. They are clever assassins, but If they are forced to kill priest, the spilled blood may desecrate the area before the Sacred Incense can resurrect their champion.