The Lair of the Technolich was the original online presence for VikShade the Technolich. These days I have much less free time and I spend more of it playing RPGs online with virtual tabletop sites like Roll20.net and Infrno.com . When I am not rolling dice or watching sci-fi I am reading about RPG Design and Game Theory or listening to RPG related Podcasts.

This blog will present such ideas and link to my other websites, wiki’s, forums, and game tables to help share whatever I think is worth sharing. I may post RPG characters, plot threads, locations, or game session summaries. Or I may go off on a tangent about Warhammer 40k, Magic the Gathering, Godzilla Movies, Sci-fi classics, or whatever other ramblings I am focused on that day.

I will try to use accurate tabs and links to make this chaos more usable and help you to find content that interests you. So check back every week to see what kind of rant or tangent I have gone off on, it may just be exactly what you are looking for.

Game On & Be Good to Each Other.


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