Geek Obsura: Dark Horses Comics Greatest World

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Back in 1993, I found a new franchise in my local comic book store. Already a fan of Dark Horse’s Aliens noir lines, I looked forward to their rather un-modestly titled Comics’ Greatest World. According to the Comic Vine website the name was a play on DC’s slogan “greatest comics in the world.” I was excited about getting in on the ground floor of a new comic franchise, and about the introduction price of a dollar a title. This was the late nineties, the heyday of comics iron age. So this imprint promised to be darker and grittier.

So I was mildly surprised when I opened it up and the first thing I noticed was the color. Computer inking was now all the rage, so a typical comic book coloring had bright colors contrasted with black. The washed out colors of CGW, were nearly a return to old school four-color…

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