Simply Accelerated Mass Effect!

This looks like a great way to kickstart interest in a full Mass Effect / Bulldogs campaign. Check it out!

Roll for Your Fate

Most of the feedback I had for my preview of Mass Effect Accelerated was very positive, but one critique that came up was that it seemed too complex for a game of Fate Accelerated. While I like the level of complexity and granularity I am achieving (as I think it models the video games well with Fate), it definitely isn’t for every Fate GM or player. This inspired me to take a pass at Mass Effect as modeled after the excellent It’s Not My Fault.

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Exclusive First Look At Starfinder’s Iconic Characters

We’ve got your first chance to see all the named heroes in Paizo’s upcoming sci-fi/fantasy role-playing game.

Source: Exclusive First Look At Starfinder’s Iconic Characters

What Video Game Roleplayers Should Expect At A Tabletop RPG

Aurican's Lair


So as the title suggests, this is going to be an Educational topic for new players to the great hobby of Tabletop Roleplaying. This article is NOTgoing to be a “Tabletop RPG’s are better than Video Games” article or be a “Video Game Players can’t play Tabletop RPG’s properly” article. I too am a video game player and my intent here is to simply point out what a person who has only experienced Roleplaying through the virtual experience of video games can expect when they finally join a tabletop game. This will be in regards to any Tabletop RPG, but, for this article I will use a lot of examples from high fantasy games such as Dungeon’s and Dragons.  Also alot of these examples will be from what I have seen over my experiences.  Everyone’s experience will be different, but these will be helpful to anyone.


question mark head.jpgVideo games…

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Repost: Old school figures part two: Minis on the web!

Swords & Dorkery

A longer version of this post originally appeared in 2010 but was in need of updating. I’m not completely done but here’s a start. Thanks to Anthony Emmel for bringing just how out of date this was to my attention!

A lot of miniatures people turn their noses up at old Grenadier and Heritage and Minifigs figures. I will grant that many modern figures, which take advantage of sculpting and molding techniques unavailable to the original manufacturers (and an aesthetic sharpened by the intervening years of fantasy illustration, comics, etc.) are often quite impressive. The level of animation, and the overall quality are amazing. The crisp detail, and the fact the pieces fit perfectly make them a joy to assemble and paint. But I still love the old school minis too. They often have a gritty realism modern figures just lack.

Heritage Models has a number of sites and yahoo…

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Pedro Barrenechea – Gamer to Gamer — World Builder Blog

A new episode of my podcast, Gamer to Gamer, is up on The Tome Show’s website. I sit down with game designer Pedro Barrenechea of Paradigm Concepts to discuss his love of games, career in gaming, Rotted Capes, the Arcanis campaign setting, the Forged in Magic Kickstarter, and a whole lot more. This podcast was recorded on July 5, 2016. Please rate and […]

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Introducing Adults to D&D

Here is a great article on introducing new players, aimed at the GM rather than the new player, but it is worth checking out by everyone.

If I were a new player and I felt confused or lost… after reading this article I would be like “wait, the GM didn’t do any of this! No wonder I felt confused and lost!”

World Builder Blog

I recently played one of the most fun sessions of Dungeons and Dragons in my tabletop gaming history. It was with adult coworkers aged 25 – 35 who were almost entirely new to the game. After me the player with the most amount of tabletop role-playing game experience had last picked up dice and a character sheet when he was 14. It was everyone else’s first time.

I was a tad nervous running a new game for adults because I was worried they’d find D&D too childish or nerdy or worse… boring. I have certainly had a fair share of new players at my table, but I’ve never a whole table full of newbies. My usual tactic of letting the other players shepherd the new one along doesn’t work when everyone is getting their first taste of fifth edition D&D nectar. Still these friends had come to me because they wanted to…

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